Office hours are by appointment only.  Please call during regular office hours to set up an appointment.  Please do not walk in without an appointment.  If you need to cancel, a 24 hour courtesy call to cancel is expected.  We make every effort to run on time, but please remember that emergencies do come up.  We reserve the right to charge $50 for a missed appointment.  Three missed appointments will result in being let go from the practice.


Please visit our Forms page to print any medical forms you may need completed.  Please allow 5 days for us to complete any forms submitted.  We will need 2 weeks to transfer medical records.

Laboratory/Diagnostic Testing

We recommend all tests be done within 30 days of your last visit, unless otherwise specified by the physician.  We will notify you of your test results.  Please call if you do not hear from us within 2 weeks of completing your tests.  Labs and diagnostic tests are not ordered prior to appointments.  Patients need to be assessed face to face to determine which tests are appropriate.


Prescriptions should be renewed Monday through Friday during regular business hours.  1 week advance notice is required for local pharmacy renewals.  2 week advance notice is required for mail-order prescriptions.  Renewals of all pain medication or other controlled substances require a 1 week advance notice.  Medications and other controlled substances will not be refilled on evenings or weekends.


Our office provides phone coverage 24/7.  If you have an urgent problem, please call the office for instructions.  Patients requiring hospitalization will be cared for by the Hospitalists at Kingston or Northern Dutchess Hospitals.  Please notify our office if you are admitted so we can be sure you have the appropriate follow-up.

Education Programs

We are on the clinical faculty of New York Medical College.  As a result we may be working with medical students in the office.  Your preference, privacy, and confidentiality will be respected at all times.  Patient participation is voluntary.